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    A clean air duct can mean the difference between a clean and healthy indoor environment or not. Air duct cleaning aims to flush out all of the contaminants that may have built up in your indoor air vents.
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    Our priority is your safety and ensuring that your Indoor Air Quality is up to standard. Whether you are noticing issues in the summer months or during the cold, winter months, contact us right away if you think that your HVAC system is not working to the best of its ability.

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Air Duct Cleaning Houston TX

Air Duct Cleaning Houston TX

Air ducts in your home relate to your heating, ventilation and air conditioning, commonly referred to as your HVAC system. Ducts are carefully laid out throughout your home to deliver and remove air in order to ensure a higher air quality throughout your property. Many US homes have an air duct system in place to ensure that the temperature is well-regulated around the house whether that is cool air or heat.

Air ducts need to be cleaned out regularly in order to ensure that the flow of air is not obstructed or contaminated. The process of removing dust and other harmful components from your home’s air ducts might seem like an easy task, but it is important to seek out a qualified air duct specialist to undertake all air duct cleaning. Indoor air pollution can drastically reduce your home’s air quality. There are a number of factors that can help you determine whether it is time for you to call a qualified specialist for air duct cleaning. Some of these include if your rooms have little or no air flow from the vents, if you or other family members living in the property are experiencing more allergies or sickness than usual or if your furniture requires sweeping or vacuuming more often.

Bacteria can also sit inside these ducts and when the vent is switched on, either to activate the heating or air conditioning, this bacteria flows out and around the house. A proper functioning and clean air duct is important to your home. Family members who suffer from allergies are more at risk of further illnesses and complications from a blocked or dirty air duct. Others who are more at risk also include children and the elderly. A clean air duct can help to keep your home safe and comfortable.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Air Duct Cleaning - Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor Air Quality Houston TX

Some people might not realize that poor indoor air quality can have serious consequences on a person’s health. Long term, poor air quality can cause life threatening and in some cases irreversible health complications leaving all at risk. Sneezing, coughing and wheezing are all side effects of poor indoor air quality. Some people might also suffer from headaches and nausea. More serious issues arising from poor indoor air quality include muscle pain, nosebleeds and lung disease.

Those who already suffer from allergies can be most at risk. It is important therefore to check the quality of the air in your home with regular testing from a recognized and accredited source. There are many contaminants within indoor air ducts that if not properly cleaned out can continue to cause harm to people living in the home by being moved around the house when the heating or air conditioning is activated. A healthy indoor air environment is one that is free from significant levels of odors and contaminants. The “Clean Air Act” or CAA enforces the law that air must be regulated in order to ensure that air pollution does not harm or pose a hazard to public health. This federal law ensures that national air quality standards are met and complied by all across the U.S. If you notice that you feel unwell while indoors but fine in other people’s homes and other buildings then it may be time to get your indoor air ducts tested.

By properly testing your indoor air ducts you can not only ensure that you are less susceptible to illness but that you are getting the maximum efficiency from your HVAC. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) manages the responsibility of educating U.S citizens on the importance of maintaining good indoor air quality. Good air can mean the difference between a comfortable home or not.

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning - Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Houston TX

We understand that a clean and healthy work environment is a healthy and happy workforce. Commercial air duct cleaning or air duct replacement can make your office space a happier place to be and reduce the risk of staff illness. It is estimated that indoor air quality is more contaminated that outdoor air quality. Just as in the home, office air vents can become dirty, blocked and full of contaminants that can go on to cause serious health issues which in turn can reduce productivity.

A wheezing, sniffling office is not a happy place to be. The cost of running a blocked HVAC system can add an unnecessarily high cost to your business plan. You might think that commercial air duct cleaning is time consuming and a waste of money but regulatory standards dictate that for health and well-being your HVAC should be tested regularly. We ensure minimal disturbance to your team, working with your employees to make sure that your business operations are close to intact as we inspect and clean your office air ducts. We can undertake your commercial air duct cleaning whether you are in a small office or larger industrial space. If you, other members of your team or other people who work in your building or office space have experienced headaches, nose bleeds, coughing or sore throats that do not flare up when you are at home then it may be time for your company or building maintenance manager to arrange commercial air duct cleaning using a professional air duct cleaning company.

It is important to seek out a specialist air duct cleaning business that can first inspect the level of dirt that is affecting the air vents in your building. Then they must assess the course of action to take to ensure that employees can continue their day to day tasks with minimal disturbance.

More Cleaning and Restoration Services

Aside from HVAC cleaning, AC and heating repair and replacement, we are able to offer a number of other specialist services for both residential and commercial customers. The range of services that we are able to provide you include: attic installation, water damage restoration, rug cleaning and carpet cleaning, as well as dryer vent repair and dryer vent replacement.. 
Attic Installation has been proven to reduce the cost of household energy bills by providing an efficient way to insulate the home. There are three main ways that you can insulate your attic - with batts, blown or spray foam. Whichever method you choose, insulating your attic space means that you can begin to ensure that you are keeping the cost of heating your home down making the winter months more comfortable, safe and healthy for your entire family including the at-risk elderly. 
Water Damage Restoration can be a long and costly process but by hiring a specialist team like ours you can rest assured that you are getting a professional, efficient and dedicated service. There are various levels of water damage that each determine how much restoration is needed on your home if bad weather or other any other type of accident has caused the damage. Two large U.S. certified bodies are responsible for regulating the standards in water damage restoration, the IICRC and the RIA. Water that has caused significant damage is categorized into three levels determining how contaminated it is. The more unsanitary the water the bigger the task of restoring your home safely.  If you are looking for water damage and restoration services or a professional mold and mildew remover, then look no further.
Carpet Cleaning is not only a good way to ensure a pleasing aesthetic appearance to your home or office but the benefits can also have a positive impact on your health. If you have unsightly stains or have animals or children who have caused marks from sand, mud or other tough-to-remove products then a carpet cleaning solution is for you. But did you know how unsanitary a dirty carpet can be and how much dust and hair can cause illnesses especially for young children or babies? Dirty carpets in the office can also cause an unattractive focus especially if you have clients coming to visit you. The dirt in the carpets can easily make its way into the air causing indoor air pollution. While you may think that your carpet is clean it may be worth calling a carpet cleaning team like ours if your carpet has not been cleaned in a long time - dust, hair and other contaminants are hard to spot.  We offer commercial carpet cleaning and residential carpet cleaner services, as well as commercial tile and grout cleaning.

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